Most the time a business first considers managed services because something happens within their organization and they find their IT systems and network has become outdated, and quite frankly, a mess. Their next step is to call in outside expert help and this IT Consultant cleans up their mess and introduces them to the concept of Managed Services. Unfortunately, too many times when an organization is introduced to Managed Services in this manner, they don’t get to truly understand managed services. They just react to the situation they find themselves faced with. The real value in Managed Services is it helps streamline operations, innovates new technology, brings more IT value to the business, and helps prevent future IT messes.
When you can shift the conversation away from the short-term benefits of cheaper IT, you can start to get a true understanding of the value of managed services. What is that true value? Managed Services allows you to maximize technology to get your desired business outcomes. Its value exists at the heart of your organization by keeping your systems up and running. It is up to your organization to determine how your business needs to use technology throughout each department and where Managed Services could best benefit the business. For your organization to get the most value out of Managed Services, you need to have a candid discussion with your MSP and ensure their deliverables match your larger business outcome and positively affect your core business. If they are not willing to understand your business outcomes or express to you how they can use managed services to help achieve those, you need a new MSP partner.
If you find yourself faced with needing to find an MSP or if you are considering managed services, here is a list of questions to help steer your conversation:

  • How does managed services help us get a leg up over our competition?
  • How does managed services help us keep up with technology rapidly?
  • What cloud services and applications could we implement to help us improve our overall business processes and efficiencies?
  • How do we gain transparency into IT issues?
  • How does managed services improve our IT infrastructure, not just fix it?
  • How do I earn an ROI on managed services?
  • How does managed services position us to stay modern with our technology?
  • How does managed services specifically work for our industry?
  • How will our partnership work?

If you are ready to learn more about managed services and its real advantages and true value, give 2W Tech a call today. 2W Tech has certified IT Consultants on staff that specialize in Cloud and Remote monitoring and management solutions. Bring your business objectives and list of questions, and let’s start building a successful partnership!
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