At 2W Tech, innovation is about developing solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity for our clients. 


Continuous improvement plans for Epicor drive innovation by refining processes, tools, and methodologies. This proactive approach enhances operational efficiency, encourages a culture of innovation, and keeps businesses competitive

Custom Epicor reports and dashboards offer tailored insights, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions aligned with strategic goals. This specificity drives innovation by turning data into a strategic asset.

Epicor customizations empower businesses to tailor their ERP systems, optimizing workflows and adapting swiftly to market changes. Leveraging customization flexibility fosters innovation and a competitive edge.

2W Tech’s Epicor Consulting harnesses specialized expertise to customize and optimize ERP systems. Their creative problem-solving drives tailored solutions, enhancing work processes. We help companies become more agile, data-driven, and innovative in their operations

Epicor in Azure through 2W Tech combines robust Epicor ERP capabilities with Microsoft Azure’s scalability and flexibility. This integration enhances efficiency, reliability, and adaptability, supporting business growth and aligning with modern IT strategies. The combination of Epicor ERP and Microsoft Azure truly creates a powerful synergy. 

As a seasoned Epicor partner, 2W Tech has extensive experience in implementing, customizing, and optimizing Epicor ERP systems to enhance business processes and operational efficiency. 2W Tech’s approach to Epicor services includes a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing industry’s challenges, which allows us to offer solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also practical and directly applicable to real-world business scenarios.

The diverse backgrounds and deep industry knowledge of the 2W Tech team enable us to understand and address the unique challenges faced by their clients and help ensure confidence in their purchasing decision.

Using 2W Tech for your Epicor implementations is a strategic choice due to our extensive experience and deep expertise in Epicor ERP systems. As one of the largest Epicor partners in North America, 2W Tech brings over 30 years of experience working with Epicor solutions.

2W Tech is one of the only Epicor partners that offers legacy system support. We work with your organization to set an upgrade plan that not only gets you current but sets you up for future success and innovation. 

2W Tech’s managed Epicor support is innovative due to its comprehensive and proactive approach to managing and supporting Epicor ERP systems. We leverage our expertise in IT infrastructure and security management to enhance the reliability and security of the Epicor systems we manage. This integration of ERP support with robust IT practices allows 2W Tech to offer a more holistic service that addresses both the functional and technical aspects of Epicor ERP, making our managed support truly innovative!

The Power BI dashboards designed for Epicor, as offered by 2W Tech, are an innovative way to provide tailored, high-level analytics specifically optimized for Epicor ERP systems. These dashboards are crafted to enhance decision-making by offering comprehensive insights into various aspects of business operations, such as sales, materials management, production, and vendor performance.

The blend of technical expertise, industry experience, and a focus on tailored solutions makes the Epicor project management team at 2W Tech particularly innovative. They are adept at navigating complex project requirements and delivering solutions that enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

The tune-up service for Epicor provided by 2W Tech is innovative because it focuses on optimizing and enhancing the performance of Epicor ERP systems to ensure they are running at peak efficiency. This service involves a thorough analysis of the existing Epicor setup to identify any issues or bottlenecks that might be hindering performance. The team then implements targeted solutions to resolve these issues, which may include streamlining processes, updating or customizing features, and ensuring that the system is fully aligned with the business’s current needs and goals.

By focusing on both the technical and strategic aspects of Epicor upgrades, 2W Tech delivers solutions that are not just upgrades in technology but also enhancements in business processes and operational capabilities.