Epicor Kinetic ERP Customizations


Tailoring Epicor Kinetic ERP through customization can offer significant advantages by aligning the ERP system with a company’s unique requirements. The platform’s user-friendly customization tools particularly the intuitive Application Studio, empower users to adjust screens and workflows with ease, even without deep programming expertise. Such modifications can enhance operational efficiency and elevate the overall user experience.

It is crucial to exercise precautions with Epicor Kinetic customizations. Excessive alterations might complicate system updates and increase the need for ongoing support. Before embarking on customizations, verify that Epicor Kinetics’ fundamental features align with your business needs. Seeking guidance from seasoned Epicor Kinetic professionals, like 2W Tech, can also shed light on customizations best practices.

Developers have access to a suite of introductory resources of Epicor Kinetic customizations featuring instructional videos and guides. These materials cover essential customization techniques such as adding buttons, orchestrating events, and implementing dialog boxes within the customization framework. They are especially useful for newcomers to Epicor Kinetic or those aiming to refine their customization proficiency.

Epicor Kinetic ERP customizations hold the potential to bring considerable benefits. However, they demand a strategic approach and a thorough comprehension of their effects on the functionality and upkeep of the ERP system. Customizations do add complexity to your system, require additional maintenance, and could impact future upgrades.

Customizations allow you to tailor the ERP system to fit your specific processes and workflows, potentially leading to increased efficiency and productivity. But it is advisable to carefully plan and evaluate the necessity and scope of any customizations with 2W Tech. We are skilled in working with Epicor customizations, reports, dashboards, BPMs, etc.…. and enjoy finding creative solutions to solve problems. Give us a call today to learn more.

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