At 2W Tech, innovation is about developing solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity for our clients. 

2W Tech leverages its status as a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Services Partner to provide innovative cloud hosting solutions, particularly through Microsoft Azure services. This partnership allows 2W Tech to offer cutting-edge Azure cloud services, which include scalable and secure cloud hosting environments that support a variety of business needs. These services are part of a comprehensive approach to IT infrastructure, ensuring that clients receive not only advanced technology but also robust support and continuous improvement in their cloud operations

2W Tech, as a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Services Partner, leverages Azure and Microsoft 365 to enhance innovation and provide robust, secure cloud hosting services tailored for optimizing operations and improving business efficiency. By utilizing Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of services, 2W Tech ensures that their clients have access to the latest technological advancements, which is a key aspect of their commitment to providing effortless and reliable technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses today.

2W Technologies demonstrates innovation in its Epicor support through a team of highly experienced consultants who bring a wealth of knowledge from various backgrounds to enhance the implementation and customization of Epicor ERP systems. This diverse expertise within the team enables 2W Tech to offer innovative solutions that are not only based on technical knowledge but also enriched with real-world application insights, ensuring that clients receive support that is both technically sound and practically viable.

2W Tech uses Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 expertise to drive business intelligence innovation, providing powerful data analytics insights for optimizing operations and informed decision-making. By integrating Azure’s advanced analytics and AI tools, 2W Tech offers solutions that predict trends, automate responses, and enhance overall business efficiency.

2W Tech’s Anytime Help Desk provides continuous support through click-to-chat, phone, or email, ensuring assistance is available anytime for prompt issue resolution. Staffed with knowledgeable experts, the helpdesk addresses a wide range of issues, including immediate troubleshooting and complex inquiries related to Epicor ERP systems or networking solutions.

2W Tech’s 24/7 availability demonstrates their dedication to reliable expertise and sensible innovation, ensuring help is always accessible for modern businesses operating beyond traditional working hours. This level of support not only resolves issues promptly but also builds trust and reliability, aligning with 2W Tech’s client-centric approach.

2W Tech’s AI for Epicor solution is innovative as it actively utilizes Microsoft Copilot and Azure Cognitive Services to enhance service delivery and statement of work (SOW) development. This integration of AI technologies allows 2W Tech to optimize operations, improve decision-making, and promote innovation within the Epicor ERP systems they deploy and manage.

2W Tech harnesses AI to not only automate and streamline diverse processes but also to deliver precise and timely insights essential for maintaining business competitiveness. Additionally, the integration of Azure Cognitive Services boosts these capabilities, offering sophisticated data processing and analysis tools that can analyze intricate data sets and deliver actionable insights instantly.

2W Tech innovates in security by employing sophisticated tools and strategies to provide strong protection for client data and systems. Their extensive security solutions utilize Microsoft Azure’s security features, such as advanced encryption, threat detection, and identity management. This integration enables 2W Tech to deliver a secure and dependable infrastructure essential for safeguarding against contemporary cybersecurity threats.

Additionally, 2W Tech adopts a proactive and customized approach to security, catering specifically to their clients’ needs. They concentrate on both defending against threats and educating clients on best security practices, including the significance of regular system updates and maintenance. This comprehensive strategy guarantees that their security measures are not only technically robust but also in sync with their clients’ operational requirements and challenges, rendering their security solutions both innovative and effective.