At 2W Tech, innovation is about developing solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity for our clients. 

ResolveIQ for meetings is designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of meeting-related tasks. Innovation is introduced by automating transcription processing, executive summaries, action item extraction, follow-up email drafting, and work outlining. By automating these processes, ResolveIQ for meetings can save time and reduce the administrative burden on employees, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. It also ensures that the outcomes of meetings are effectively communicated and acted upon, leading to better collaboration and productivity within the organization.

In the field of customer service, ResolveIQ Artificial Intelligence efficiently navigates through vast amounts of product data and historical processes to respond to customer questions. The ability for users to enter questions in natural language makes it easier to locate pertinent information, thus improving the customer service experience. This innovation saves your organization countless hours of manpower. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, it can interpret and process customer inquiries in an intuitive and human-like way with natural language understanding, rapid information retrieval, consistency in responses, and integration with existing systems.

ResolveIQ can significantly enhance Helpdesk operations by simplifying the management of support tickets and offering quick access to necessary information. By utilizing natural language processing and artificial intelligence, ResolveIQ can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your Helpdesk team. ResolveIQ for Helpdesk is designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of support-related tasks. It can benefit your organization through ticket categorization, rapid information retrieval, consistency in responses, and integrating with existing systems. By integrating ResolveIQ for Helpdesk, 2W Tech can assist businesses in enhancing their support response times and improving the quality of support offered, which can lead to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ResolveIQ can serve as a central hub and summarizer for best practices. It can organize and present your company’s documented best practices in a format that is easy to search and user-friendly. This ensures that your team adheres to the most efficient and effective procedures developed from your organization’s experience and expertise. ResolveIQ’s capabilities for best practices management are designed to support your team in maintaining high standards of operational excellence. ResolveIQ can store and manage your company’s accumulated knowledge and documented procedures by serving as a centralized repository. This innovative technology offers a centralized knowledge base, searchable content, user-friendly access, regular updates and revisions, and customizable templates.