Organizations should consider using ResolveIQTM for meetings because it can help streamline their meeting processes and enhance collaboration. As an executive assistant at 2W Technologies, ResolveIQTM is designed to support businesses by leveraging Microsoft Cloud Solutions, including Microsoft 365, which offers tools like Microsoft Teams for effective communication and meeting management. ResolveIQTM is our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) solution whose job involves providing clear and structured responses that align with 2W Technologies’ technical expertise and upholding the company’s core principles of Effortless Technology, Reliable Expertise, and Sensible Innovation.

Here are some ways ResolveIQTM for meetings can benefit your business:

  • Transcription Processing: It can analyze transcribed audio from your Microsoft Teams meetings, ensuing that every word is captured and can be reviewed later. This is particularly useful for those unable to attend the meeting or revisit important discussions.
  • Executive Summaries: It can examine meeting content and producing a concise summary. This condensed version emphasizes the main topics addressed, choices reached, and subjects explored offering a swift and easily comprehensible synopsis for those who wish to be updated without perusing the full transcript.
  • Action Item Extraction: It possesses the functionality to pinpoint distinct tasks that have been consented to during a meeting and catalog them as actionable items. This attribute aids in monitoring duties and guarantees that all tasks are accounted for and managed effectively.
  • Follow-up Email Drafting: Leveraging the action items and decisions from the meeting, it can facilitate the creation of follow-up emails. This service may encompass composing acknowledgements for attendees, sending reminders regarding assignments, or inquiring for further details, as necessary.
  • Work Outlining: For initiatives or assignments that arise from meeting dialogues, it can aid in delineating the essential work. This might include formulating a project blueprint, establishing timelines, or delegating responsibilities to team members.

Through the automation of these procedures, ResolveIQTM for meetings can streamline operations, alleviating the clerical load on staff members. This shift permits them to concentrate on higher-level activities. Additionally, it guarantees that meeting results are conveyed and implemented efficiently fostering enhanced teamwork and organizational efficiency.

Interested in learning more about ResolveIQTM for meetings and some of the other capabilities it has? Give the team at 2W Tech a call today and ask for a demo!

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