Increase Performance and Scalability with Epicor Modules


Epicor presents a suite of modular solutions designed to meet the varied of requirements of distinct business functions within a company. These modules support a customizable strategy, empowering organizations to choose and deploy the precise instruments needed to enhance their workflows. Epicor’s module offerings are crafted to tackle the specific obstacles faced by different sectors, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, among others, providing each with the necessary resources to operate with high efficiency and efficacy. The flexibility of this modular system also supports growth, permitting firms to expand or adjust their modules in line with changing business demands.

Here is a look at the increased performance and scalability Epicor’s modules offer:

  • Integrate and automate easily across applications: Automation Studio, Grow, Data Fabric
  • Digitize your documents to collaborate efficiently: Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Sharpen decisions and plans to respond with agility: Financial Planning & Analysis, Grow
  • Visualize, explore, and automate data and reporting to drive better decision making, Grow, Automation Studio, FF&A, EVA
  • Protect your systems and data to mitigate risk of a cybersecurity failure: Security Suite, Azure Cloud
  • Manage and visualize trading communications to connect effortlessly to suppliers: EDI, Supplier Portal
  • Design and build in collaboration with customers and partners to improve their experience and close sales quicker: Epicor CPQ
  • Market and sell 24/7 to customers worldwide for an improved online experience: Epicor Commerce
  • Transact with confidence and security: Epicor Payments
  • Ship securely worldwide and keep customers notified at each step: Quick Ship

2W Tech, leveraging our deep expertise as a seasoned Epicor partner, offers guidance to clients in selecting the necessary Epicor modules. Our team collaborates intimately with clients to grasp their distinct business needs and hurdles. This collaborative approach enables us to suggest the Epicor modules that best fit the client’s particular operational requirements, ensuring the ERP system effectively underpins their business activities.

Furthermore, 2W Tech’s consultants, drawing upon their extensive understanding of the manufacturing industry and diverse business functions, collaborate with clients to pinpoint areas where Epicor’s modules can optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and foster growth. This personalized approach ensures that clients invest in modules that yield maximum value for their organization. For clients uncertain about their precise requirements, 2W Tech provides expert guidance throughout the selection process, ensuring informed decisions regarding the Epicor modules that align best with their business objectives. Give our team a call today and let us help you optimize your Epicor Kinetic ERP.

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