If you are a legacy system user, you are probably tired of new modern technologies passing you by. Legacy systems are typically hard to integrate with newer technologies and the older your system becomes, the farther away from modern your organization becomes. The reasons an organization stays with a legacy system vary, but typically cost is at the heart of most. But how will you handle legacy services? Most services remain within on-premises data centers or in traditional, hosted environments, leaving you to cope with integrating multiple resource pools. On-premise data centers remain an important part of the total IT environment. Your legacy workflows require significant recoding in order to be moved to a cloud environment, so you must rely on on-premises. And for this reason, public cloud, private cloud, or a combination can be fully integrated with traditional IT resources in their regular environment and centrally managed through a single platform.
Hybrid Cloud
By the end of this year, hybrid infrastructure will be the preferred IT environment. One of the main reasons is it drives down the cost of running an IT department, all while increasing operational efficiencies. Organizations will add additional cloud infrastructures to their existing IT mix or will look to add resources to meet the needs of specific workloads. Most IT teams find that achieving a fully functional hybrid cloud environment is challenging. Moving workloads across infrastructures or using data from one environment for an application in another is not easily achieved. Some providers support only proprietary services or closed APIs, making hybrid integration more difficult for businesses.
It sounds difficult to achieve a working and fully maximized hybrid environment but it doesnt have to be if you have a qualified IT partner. They will understand and help you achieve security and compliance in the cloud, help you understand your open, flexible development platform and overall help you function in this environment. 2W Tech can help you integrate the right resources to meet your company goals. We have IT Consultants on staff that specialize in cloud and managed services solutions. Give us a call today so we can help you decide if cloud technologies or hybrid solutions are a fit for your organization.
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