If you are still saying Vista and Vantage in terms of your ERP system, then this article is for you. As Epicor keep updating and expanding ERP 10, your legacy system is becoming more and more obsolete. Your ERP system is the heart of your business and the older it gets, the worse it functions. Reluctancy to upgrade your ERP is understandable given how expensive and time consuming ERP upgrades are. Add to that fact legacy systems are many versions behind current ERP, so you have even more work cut out for you. Maybe it isn’t as much about the time and money as it is the convenience of using a system you and your employees are already used to. It’s easy to justifiy to yourself that your system can still carry out basic ERP functions. Stop fooling yourself.  Technology is going to continue to get more modernized, and the further behind your ERP system gets, the more risk you are exposing your business to.
Legacy ERP System
The main goal of ERP software is to streamline your processes and improve your overall efficiency and productivity. Accepting slow process times for bills of materials to process or accepting incomplete and slow reporting data is unacceptable and counter-intuitive to what an ERP stands for. What if you could run a system that cuts your production wait time down to just minutes? Think of the impact it could have on your customers. There is a pipeline that runs from the shop floor until the customers door. Poor data visibility, slow answers, inaccurate inventory and reports all lead to unhappy or worse, angry customers. Legacy ERP systems = poor customer service.
And what about ERP integration with your other software and systems? It was not always the mindset when designing ERP that it should be easily connected to other systems. Integrations with legacy ERP systems can happen, but an aging ERP system will contain a lot of disparate functions with very little communication between each arm. Excessive customizations that are found in legacy systems often hinder easy integrations as well.  Modern ERP systems have been built with the value of interconnectivity in mind, collaboration is the new norm.
The other harm a legacy system can bring to your organization is the security risk it’s opening your business up to.  Legacy systems are no longer supported, so there are no bug patches or security updates. You are on your own to keep your system and data protected. You will be at risk for outside attacks such as ransomware and malware, or even worse, a total system crash. What will you do then? The only way to take these significant security risks out of the equation is to upgrade your legacy software. Whether you move to the current version of the software or you move to a new platform completely, you need to act now. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP partner and one of the few that specializes in Vista and Vantage upgrades and service. Don’t wait until your legacy ERP system takes your business under and you have no choice. A modern ERP system is within your reach!
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