The one thing about cloud computing, is it levels the playing field for manufacturing companies of all shapes and sizes to compete. Every company can take advantage of the best available high-performance technology in the world. Gone are the days where you need to front a large sum of money to adopt the newest technologies. Companies have been adopting cloud technologies rapidly over the last couple years. It is more common than not for an organization to have a cloud application running somewhere in their business. As the cloud grows in scale, it’s improving and new applications are being specifically designed to take advantage of the public cloud. Organizations should be excited about what the future of the cloud holds. Organizations that have adopted cloud technologies can take some actions within their business to help maximize their cloud investment.

  • Employee education. It is important that every member of your organization understands what opportunities you can garner from the cloud. Help them understand the benefits cloud can not only bring to the business, but to their individual jobs as well. If you share the company philosophy on cloud adoption, you will find your users will embrace it much quicker. It is also important to spend time teaching your employees the skills they need to use cloud-based applications. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, your users are going to either be your protector or your weakness depending on how educated they are.
  • Push outside your comfort zone. IT administrators tend to be shy when it comes to taking risks because failures are often highly visible, while wins are barely acknowledged. Taking risks and experimenting is required to get a better understanding of the value cloud computing can bring to your organization. It is important to push your users to experiment and test business applications, and make sure they understand they have your full support. Make sure all parties involved understand that failures will happen.
  • Plan for what’s next. Most organizations that make the shift to the cloud start with only one or two business applications at a time. It is a fine strategy to do this as it allows your users the time to get used to a different deployment method and to understand the benefits cloud can bring to them. The trick is to make sure your organization has a plan for which cloud applications are next on the horizon. Make sure you don’t remain stagnant. You chose to adopt cloud solutions for a reason, don’t stop the migration until you can completely maximize its investment.
  • Ask for help. Most organizations don’t have cloud experts on staff that can readily answer questions and handle issues promptly as they occur. Ask for help. There are many MSPs, IT Consultants, and Vendors that have expertise in cloud solutions and by partnering with one of them, you can make your life and the lives of your employees much better. You will be able to accelerate skills transfer, extend your reach, and reduce the “learning curve” time to embrace cloud services.

The advice you can be offered can go on and on, but the above are a few simple strategies you can adopt that can help you easily maximize your cloud investment. 2W Technologies is a Certified Microsoft Partner and has IT Consultants on staff that are not only experts in Azure cloud, but many other cloud applications as well. Give us a call today and let us help take your organization to the cloud.
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Finding Success in the Cloud

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