Small Businesses Losing Against Ransomware


The headline of an article caught my eye the other day……”Ransomware shuts down 1 in 5 small businesses after it hits”.  Most small businesses can’t recover from the downtime an attack has on their operations and the majority of those go out of business a short time later. To help put this in perspective, think of 5 small business owners that you know. 1 of those would have been hit by ransomware and the damage was so irreversible, that the business closed and the handfuls of people employed there, have now lost their job. Or you could look at it this way, you work for a small business that didn’t take the steps to properly protect themselves and was infected by ransomware. The strand was so damaging, that you come into work a few days later and find out that because of that mistake your owner or IT department made, the business must close its doors and you went from what you thought was a stable, growing small business to unemployed in a flash. If I was a small business owner and I heard the stat that 1 in every 5 small businesses shuts down after an attack, my first order of business would be to ensure with 1000% certainty that my business was protected the best way possible against outside threats. The livelihood of your employees and their families are counting on you to do this very thing.
Ransomware attacks on small businesses
1 in every 3 small businesses fell victim to a ransomware attack last year. The number one cause was human error! That, unfortunately, is bad news for businesses. What is scarier then knowing it only takes 1 person to unknowingly take down an organization. Ransomware is a massive cybersecurity problem, but it often comes down to poor human behavior, rather than poor security software. Creators of the newer strands of ransomware are becoming even more successful and rich because they are basing their attacks on exploiting human error.
This same report, Malwarebytes’ Second Annual State of Ransomware, showed that of the 32 percent of companies hit by at least one malware attack last year, one fifth had to completely stop operations immediately. Malware has matured to the point that no longer are just home computers being targeted, but now some of the world’s largest organizations have been targeted successfully. If you have not yet taken the threat of malware and ransomware seriously, you are taking a huge gamble and one I hope you don’t lose. You need to do 2 things immediately:

  1. Get a security solution expert into your organization and make sure you are using the correct security tools to protect your business from outside threats
  2. Schedule user training for each member of your organization. Bring in a security solution expert to talk to your employees about best practices to keep your business and data protected.

2W Tech has security solution experts on staff that can help you with the above 2 steps. Don’t waste any more time, each hour that goes by, you are gambling with the livelihood of your business and employees. Call us today.
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