Increasing employee productivity is usually top 3 of CEO’s list of things they want to focus on in their business. Of course, this task is easier said than done. Unless you can constantly monitor what each and every employee is doing non-stop during working hours, which realistically isn’t feasible. So instead, most organizations look for any and all help they can get to give them insight into employee productivity. The newest analytical application that is available for Office 365 enterpise users is Workplace Analytics.
Microsoft Workplace Analytics
Just recently, Microsoft announced that it is now available as an add-on for any Office 365 enterprise plan. Microsoft states that “Workplace Analytics provides unprecedented behavioral insights that can be used to improve productivity, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement.” This Workplace Analytics is an all-encompassing analytics package that needs be installed and deployed by an expert Microsoft partner. It is not simply an add-on or an easily deployed app. This analytical program is designed to give behavioral insights that allow for improved productivity, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement. Workplace Analytics has built-in privacy and compliance capabilities. Customers own their Office 365 data and decide how to apply insights generated by Workplace Analytics to solve tough business challenges. Workplace Analytics only leverages metadata that is aggregated and de-identified.
Here are some specific feature highlights from Workplace Analytics:

  • Behavioral metrics from Office 365 email and calendar metadata, including to/from data, subject lines and timestamps which are produced to show how an organization collaborates and spends time
  • Analyze behavior from top sales performers to learn their collaborative patterns so they can be applied to others in the organization. They can also learn about the size of the person’s internal network, which may be an indicator of the salesperson’s ability to get answers and solve customer questions.
  • Management behavior can also be influenced by this.  In looking at how time-usage metrics are related to engagement and retention; a correlation can be found with the behaviors of managers and with employee engagement and retention. Behaviors, such as 1:1 manager time, level of leadership exposure given to employees and the degree to which work can be distributed evenly across an organization, are measurable through Workplace Analytics.
  • Ability to create your own custom queries within the Workplace Analytics to address your own business needs and questions. Choose from a unique set of collaboration metrics to explore activities and trends within the business, including time spent in email, time in meetings, after-hours time and network size. Analysts can also create custom queries and filter to aggregated population subsets including regions, roles and functions.

Workplace Analytics is available now as an add-on to any Office 365 enterprise plan. If you are currently a user of Office 365 enterprise or if you are interested in becoming one, contact us today to get started. 2W Tech is proud to be a certified Microsoft partner and has experienced IT Consultants on staff that can install and work with you on the customization of Workplace Analytics so that it is maximized for your business.
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