To customize or not? That is the question most organizations ask themselves when it comes to their ERP software. Many businesses believe that their out-of-the box ERP software does not support every business need they have and don’t believe there is any work around, so a customized ERP makes sense to them. Organizations are warned against customized ERP software, as the more alterations you make, the harder it is to manage and maintain your software. This is why in the ERP selection process, your job is to choose the software that best fits the needs of your business and processes.
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Modifying out-of-the box ERP is not only expensive, but it is difficult to do. Anytime you add modifications to a new system, you are adding time to the project, ultimately slowing down the roll-out and taking a hit to your ROI. Taking things one step further, ERP is complex due to the many interconnections across multiple applications, so any customized ERP development could have unpredictable effects on areas of the system far removed from where the modification is made. Moreover, modifications may also destroy any certifications or assurances of system integrity or auditability and depending who performs the modification, you may be eliminating yourself from any direct manufacturer support in the future. Customizations may also impact future upgrades and patches, potentially exposing your software to future dangers. In order to receive future updates and releases, typically this requires workarounds and someone who really knows what the heck they are doing.
Once you start to make modifications, you are in part breaking some of the functionality of the software. The more customizations you make, the further from stable you are making your software. If you get to the point that you are skipping updates or they just aren’t taking because of your customization, this should raise a red flag. You have customized your system to the point of no return. Here is the hard fact: If you are totally convinced your ERP software needs customizations made, you should only do so with a trusted partner and a complete customization plan. Talk to your trusted ERP Consultant and sit down and discuss what the best course of action should be. Did you pick the right ERP software to best accomplish what you need to accomplish? If customizations are necessary, can they manage these customizations, all while ensuring your software will be able to keep up with new releases and patches? Don’t just make a customization because someone suggests it and it seems logical at the time. You need to understand the ramifications each change can mean to your ERP software in the long run.
2W Tech is a certified Epicor partner and has experienced ERP Consultants on staff that can discuss the possibility of software customizations with you and help you decide what the best course of action for your business and system is. You don’t need to be afraid of customizations if they are done in a controlled manner, with a detailed plan, and an ERP expert leading the charge. Give us a call today and let’s discuss the best way to get your ERP software working for you.
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