It is no secret that many manufacturers are behind the curve when it comes to modern technology. The nature of manufacturing operations naturally leads itself to an “old school” frame of mind. However, with the introduction of mobility, this is starting to change. More than any other industry, manufacturing relies on mobile technology for operational efficiency and global connectivity.  The rapid evolution of mobile technologies is forcing manufacturers to make changes to their old IT infrastructure and take on modern technologies at a quicker pace than they have been used to in the past. Moving to a single platform will give a business the ability to house a centralized mobility management solution.
Centralized Mobility Management
As legacy Information Technology (IT) and mobile technology management begins to converge, manufacturers are finding using a singular, software-first management solution is a must. One of the problems of running legacy systems, is that most of your software programs can’t integrate into a single instance. Newer programs can’t run off or with programs that have expired and are no longer supported. For a manufacturing organization to maximize the potential mobile solutions can offer them, they need to integrate their enterprise technology management systems into a single software platform.
Single platform management not only enables device management but also makes securing endpoint applications and data easier.  This also allows manufacturing companies to take advantage of Application Programming Interface (API)-driven IT infrastructure that promotes the use of analytics. Single platform management provides consistent capabilities and a consolidated technology database, giving organizations that use it the edge. In the near future, manufacturers won’t be able to compete without a unified set of IT objectives, technology requirements, and program goals. Is your organization going to be ready? 2W Tech has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in mobility solutions. Give us a call today to start achieving your centralized mobility management solution.
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