The two biggest announcements coming out of the Epicor Insights Conference this month was the new option for dedicated cloud hosting for their ERP software and the overhaul of Prophet 21 distribution software, adding a variety of cloud hosting options. So, Epicor is making it no secret that they believe cloud is the way of the future. Outside of these 2 major announcements, Epicor also focused on unveiling new product features and enhancements they are adding to their Epicor ERP software. One in particular that Epicor is adding is heightened industry-focused Epicor Data Analytics (EDA). EDA provides a flexible and intuitive analytics platform that remains tightly integrated with Epicor ERP. This data analytics is going to come in the form of configurable out-of-the box dashboards.
Epicor data analytics for ERP Software
Epicor ERP software users can work with real-time data from EDA and drill down into the various support figures and dashboards to get a deeper understanding of what their data is telling them. Thus allowing for real, actionable decisions being made on your shop floor every day. Data analytics gives you the tools to help you make these decisions quicker and easier. In addition to these dashboards, Epicor is also including pre-built content packs for verticals like sales, financials, materials, and production. The goal of targeting each job function is to target waste and inefficiencies and help you make each department more efficient. By doing so, you can maintain high standards of product quality, while still helping reduce your overall cost. Also helping in the cost savings area, is the fact this EDA is a cloud-based solution, so that requires a lower upfront cost. This cloud-based EDA platform will be accessible through any desktop or mobile device.
Epicor is really focusing on improving their customer experience and helping their clients become as efficient as possible. However, these new product updates can only help you if you understand how to properly implement and use them. in order to get the most out of data analytics, you must first understand your business processes. Once that happens, you can evaluate how to properly use this EDA solution to get the most out of your data. If you need help understanding the value of these product updates and how to achieve ROI from these tools, let 2W Tech help. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP partner and can help you with any Epicor ERP project on the horizon.
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