Cloud ERP is expected to be the preferred deployment choice of most organizations in the manufacturing industry in the next couple years. Epicor Cloud ERP is developed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses and is delivered in the software as a service (SaaS) model. Epicor specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry, so it only makes sense that Epicor has a big Cloud push going on. Manufacturers are leaning towards Cloud ERP solutions because they can help streamline business administration and optimize operations, all while reducing costs.

There are 10 simple reasons why your organization should choose Epicor ERP in the Cloud:

  1. Freedom of choice. Epicor offers choice of Multi-Tenant (with its compelling economics and seamless upgrades) or Single Tenant (allowing more administrative control and administrative ownership) deployment.
  2. Compelling Cloud Economics. No hidden cost, no upfront deployment fees, infrastructure savings, resource savings, and reduced deployment times.
  3. Better IT Resource Utilization. IT will spend less on ERP related tasks and can instead work on other IT initiatives.
  4. Cloud is More Secure. It has recently been proven that on-premise systems are more of a security risk than Cloud.
  5. Easy Upgrades. Upgrades are included with Epicor standard support services.
  6. Mobile and Social Collaboration. Allows real-time access from any device, any time, any location.
  7. Business Continuity. Cloud standardizes a single set of operational and administrative processes and creates visibility thorughout your entire organization.
  8. Reduced Risk, Greater Visibility, Better Value. Instant scalability is achieved with a system that is bigger and better than what you may have been able to afford if deployed on-premise.
  9. Quicker ROI. Shortened deployment cycle leads to quicker adoption of system and quicker ROI can be achieved.
  10. Social Responsibility. Simply put, an environmentally responsible IT decision.

As you can see, moving to the cloud presents a number of easily quantifiable benefits. Some easier for an organization to recognize and measure, others more tough. If you are interested in Epicor Cloud ERP, give us a call today and let us help you decide if this solution and deployment option are the best fit for your organization. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP Partner.
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