Secure Your IoT


The Internet of things(IoT) is the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. Simply put, it is keeping devices on and connected. IoT is the way the world is moving for most. 8-5 workdays inside an office doesn’t happen anymore. However, with all the benefits of IoT, the one thing that can prevent it from transforming the world will be a breakdown in security.  By having your devices constantly connected, you are offering a pathway for cyber criminals to gain access to your private information and data. Organizations are eager to take advantage of the benefits of IoT, but they need to protect themselves from the risks it could expose their business to.
Secure the IoT
We have been trying to educate our clients and potential clients on the importance of securing their data and valuable information. We have tried to educate and warn on the risks of ransomware and various types of malware. If you have introduced IoT into your organization or if you plan to, you need to address the risk of vulnerable endpoints and how those end points collect and share information in the cloud. If you don’t explore those risks, then you are leaving yourself vulnerable to outside attacks.  To help you understand how to get a handle on this, ask these questions:

  1. Is your operating system secure and constantly updating?
  2. How will you secure the devices already running and connected in your IoT environment?
  3. What security tools does your cloud run on? Does this run across all devices?
  4. Do you have a robust and secure management system that is updating devices on a regular basis?

By working with your IT Consultant to answer the above 4 questions, you will be able to start building an appropriate security plan for your organization and the IoT. 2W Tech has IT Consultants on staff that specialize is security solutions and the IoT. Contact us today to get started on minimizing your security risks.
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