When you think about reasons that a business may not invest in the latest technology, the fear of the unknown if probably not one of the top reasons that cross your mind. We have all come across that salesperson that uses jargon to make themselves sound more intelligent than they probably are. Depending on what you are purchasing, you may laugh this off and it really doesn’t impact your buying decision. But what if it did? If you are a business that is looking to invest tens of thousands of dollars in new technology, you want to understand exactly what you are purchasing. Business jargon can act like a smokescreen and scare organizations off from asking and receiving answers to their questions.

ERP systems are one of the most complex technologies for organizations to embrace. For every manufacturing business, it is the heart of your infrastructure. Imagine having to select an ERP system without truly understanding the benefits of each system. It is time for end users to require technology companies to “dumb it down”. Do not accept explanations full of jargon anymore. If you don’t understand what is being explained to you, you have a responsibility to continue asking the questions until you are sure you understand the explanation given. This doesn’t make you look dumb. On the contrary, demanding answers makes you very smart.
“Businesses are tired of playing buzzword bingo and we believe that it’s time vendors and the technology community did more to engage with distributors, manufacturers or retailers in their own language. Talking about the business benefits that new technology can bring will help organizations to make critical decisions for the future.” Celia Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer for Epicor was really quoted saying this. Finally! If one by one we can get every ERP vendor to embrace this concept and then that continues across the board with every technology, organizations will be able to make better informed decisions from here on out.
2W Tech is a certified Epicor and IT Consultant specializing in various technologies across the manufacturing vertical, as well as other industries as well. We would be happy to speak with your organization about the benefits various products and services can offer your business. Give us a call today and let us help you put an end to all the technology jargon.
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