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Estimating resources is a difficult thing to do and something organizations need to do often. It is particularly challenging in an IT environment when you stop to consider all the factors that have a role in dictating the resources used. Most businesses add and subtract employees monthly, sometimes planned but often unplanned. You do not want to pay for extra resources which may not be used, but neither do you want to lose business due to unexpected spikes in customer traffic. That is where Azure’s dynamic scalability and elasticity can solve both dilemmas and do it at an affordable price. Scalability includes the ability to increase workload size within existing infrastructure (hardware, software, etc.) without impacting performance.
Scalability and Elasticity with Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform, you only pay for the time and capacity that you use and there are no capital expenditures necessary. You can scale your application up or down as needed as changes occur within your organization or within your circumstances. This is done by simply changing your application’s configuration or by utilizing Azure’s management API. The Windows Azure Platform will then handle the addition or reduction of instances for you.

Plus, there are the additional advantages of:

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Pre-configured platform managed by Microsoft
  • Completely integrable environment to support several platforms
  • Relinquishing operational concerns such as maintenance and availability, so you can focus on business logic
  • 2W Tech support backed by Microsoft

Moving to the cloud is the wave of the future and to join the wave does not have to be costly or a waste of limited resources. You can make use of as much or as little cloud services as you need while meeting the demands of your customers. Discover the possibilities that the Windows Azure Platform offers. Give 2W Tech a call today and get started with the benefits Azure can offer your business. 2W Tech is a Tier I Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.

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