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Ok so maybe not all your hardware, but if you could reduce the hardware in your business, why wouldn’t you? Cloud solutions can do just that; help you reduce the amount of hardware in your business. There are many organizations that don’t really give their hardware and all the costs associated with it much thought. The reality is hardware and its operating cost is something your business should be paying attention to. You can reduce or eliminate the hardware refresh cycle that your company experiences every year. Your business gets into a never-ending cycle with hardware and one that sucks the money and energy right out of your IT department. By eliminating having to purchase new equipment each year, you can eliminate all the extra labor and downtime experienced by staff.  Saving dollars in many areas. You convert your hardware from a capital IT expense to an operating IT expense. By converting most of your expense to an operating cost, your IT costs are fixed and known each month. There are no surprises, like servers that fail and need to be replaced or desktops that break and need to be fixed. Your costs are consistent and fixed each month.
Eliminate hardware with microsoft azure
There are organizations that spend more in the cooling and powering of their server room than they do in other areas of their IT department. In some cases, they have way more equipment in there that is necessary to operate their business. Inefficient data centers cost more, plain and simple. In fact, oversizing is the number one cause of inefficiency and therefore a higher than necessary total cost of ownership. Using the cloud, you can achieve right sized hardware. Most on-premise storage devices have a limited amount of storage that can be added. With the cloud, data storage is virtually unlimited.  As newer technology is introduced, the older existing technology becomes a competitive disadvantage and needs to be replaced. Your IT staff spends much of their time replacing older technology to gain that competitive advantage. With cloud infrastructure, your technology is never outdated.
Using Microsoft Azure eliminates the cost of new hardware, enabling you to free up your budget to spend on other business needs. With Microsoft Azure, you can build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud without worrying about the cost of purchasing new server hardware. You pay only for the storage you use and there are no typical infrastructure costs or data transfer fees. Eliminating hardware is only 1 of many benefits Microsoft Azure can bring to your business. Contact 2W today to learn about the rest of the benefits and how you can get started with Azure. 2W Tech is a Tier I Microsoft Certified Cloud Solutions Provider.
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