As technology evolves and organizations adopt new technologies, often times the waterfall effect is overlooked. As Manufacturing takes advantage of new trends such as BYOD and Big Data, the waterfall effect means the security for that organization is impacted and not for the good. These trends are leading to a new generation of intelligent, highly scalable security products and platforms. Introducing us to next generation security. As you invite more devices and larger amounts of data into your network, basic firewalls are no longer sufficient to guard your network’s outer perimeter. The next generation of attacks bypass the firewalls and there have many new creative ways to gain access to your network. The rise of number of devices on a network has led to an increased number of individual users being used through comprised accounts to attack and compromise more systems, getting the hackers the data they targeted in the attack.
next-generation security security solutions
The basis of next generation security is all organizations must now provide a flexible security system that can identify anomalous user and system activity to prevent all avenues of breaches. Next generation security needs to be adaptable because next is always becoming now. They also need to be dynamic software-based solutions so updates and changes can quickly occur. The third thing next generation security needs to be is easily managed.
Next generation security needs to not only focus on products that have all the above attributes, but security policies and procedures are just as important. The speed at which the digital transformation is happening should be alarming to organizations that don’t have a proper strategy in place. Lack of planning can be just as detrimental to your business as having the wrong solution or no solution in place. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm that specializes in security solutions. Give us a call today to discuss next generation security solutions for your business.
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