Manufacturing is growing at the fastest pace right now since early 2014. There is so much that has changed with technology in the last 3 years. Are you a manufacturing organization that has kept up with the changing technology or are you one that has remained status quo. I was at an event earlier today that was strictly for organizations in the manufacturing space. There were several speakers during the event and it was surprising to hear these speakers talking about items such as IoT (Internet of Things) in an introductory manner. That concept was introduced years ago and by now, manufacturing companies should be adopting it in some manner within their organization, not just hearing about it for the first time.
Manufacturing Growth
There is no slowing down the fast pace manufacturing is growing, the only thing you can do is to ensure your organization is ready to take on the uptick in the market. What was the last technological investment you made? Have you taken any steps to prepare for scalable growth? There are some technologies that have been introduced that your organization SHOULD be using:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud ERP System

These technologies will allow you to scale easily and ramp up to the anticipated growth, without having to overhaul your entire technology solution set.  Using these tools appropriately will Increase your manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins while monitoring processes, inventory management and overall manufacturing operations. If you need help introducing any of the the above technologies or if you would like us to conduct an evaluation of your technology solutions to ensure you are prepared for growth, give us a call today. 2W Tech specializes in Manufacturing solutions and have IT Consultants on staff that can help ensure your technology can help your organization achieve your desired growth. 2W Tech is also a certified Epicor Cloud ERP Partner.
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