Manufacturing automation became popular back in the 70’s. Advances in technology, including robotics, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things have improved factory production since then. One advancement that is making a big difference is Software as a service and cloud computing tools, which have revolutionized all industries, especially small to midsize operations. Not only do they allow organizations to remain stress-free about the maintenance and operation of their crucial systems, but they also alleviate the burden of costly adoption for smaller businesses.
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Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a cloud computing unit that facilitates the seamless integration of robot and embedded devices into Web and cloud computing environment. It involves the rental or temporary acquisition of hardware to keep costs more manageable. This has allowed more advanced technologies and robots to be created and used in markets that may not be able to afford these types of technologies normally. Collaborative robots, also known as cabots, are now being used in Manufacturing to improve efficiency and reduce hazards.  Cabots are smaller and can be used to perform tasks in production lines. Cobots are more mature than robots we have seen in the past because they are backed by machine learning and AI platforms, which allows them to complete more advanced tasks.
Manufacturing automation can also include upgrading all your legacy systems. Legacy systems are not only slow functioning, but they don’t typically allow for the newest software programs and applications to run. By improving age-old designs and robotics hardware, businesses can save money and free up valuable factory or warehouse space. Organizations that are outpacing their competitors are not only NOT running legacy systems, they are using emerging technologies such as IoT to really take their operations to the next level. For example: sensors connecting to robots connecting to larger networks.
Manufacturing automation is the way Manufacturers do business. The world is changing every day and the more behind you let your business get with digital trends, the harder it is going to be to stay in business and be successful. 2W Tech is a full service IT Consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing solutions. Give us a call today and let us help you understand how manufacturing automation can take your operations to the next level.
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