Microsoft has made some advancements that cover its entire suite of productivity apps. Microsoft has supercharged Office 365 with more artificial intelligence (AI) features. AI refers to the discipline of programming computers to become intelligent and make decisions, just as a human would do. AI uses the data inputted into a system and then injects code to help the computers make more intelligent decisions based on possible outcomes. By Microsoft adding Ai features to Office 365, its helping users draw conclusions to their data quicker and more accurately.
Office 365 Artificial Intelligence Microsoft
One new feature is Office Insights which analyzes Excel data to automatically create pivot tables and trend charts, recognize business-centric acronyms and helps get you to meetings on time. By highlighting patterns in your Excel data, it makes it easier to discover trends and create visualizations of the data so everyone can understand what the data is really saying. The AI feature in Outlook helps users get to meetings on time by triggering a notification when it’s time to leave for a meeting (Google Now), while also providing directions on how to get there and any traffic alerts you will be facing.
Microsoft also introduced Whiteboard Preview, which uses AI to recognize freeform drawings and transforms them into standard shapes to help the production of flow charts, tables and diagrams, with teams able to collaborate better. Another new addition is intelligent search, which autonomously extracts text from images and makes it searchable. It can scan business cards and receipts, meaning you can search your device for the information on the picture rather than the filename. Not only eliminating hours of manual data entry, but increasing the efficiency and organization of the business data.
To take advantage of these news AI features in Office 365 and to maximize productivity within your organization, give 2W Tech a call today. 2W Tech is a Certified Microsoft Solutions provider and can help set your organization up with the latest features and functionality that Office 365 offers.
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