After teasing us for a few months, Epicor ERP 10.2 release is now generally available. This version is intended to allow companies to compete and keep pace with all the digital transformations that are taking place. Businesses that adopt the latest technologies in cloud, analytics, and experiences will position their organization for growth for several years to come. New capabilities are offered with this cloud-first architecture such as ease of everything, enabling operational excellence and improved visibility to support organizations growth objectives. This release has many enhancements that continue to push the envelope on performance and quality with the user experience.
Epicor ERP 10.2
Highlights of this release include:

  • Cloud-first Strategy: New modules like Epicor Data Discovery, Epicor Field Service Automation, Epicor Payment Gateway, and Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization are built as cloud-first applications and offer new features and functionalities.
  • Globalization and Localization:  This release rolls out of enhanced tooling to make it easier and simpler to add country-specific functionality (CSF) to support regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • Experiences: This version focuses on ease of use, product quality, streamlining and enhancing processes across the solution to help increase productivity and helps grow businesses. We also see the introduction of Epicor Active Home page which offers a new role based visual experience for users.
  • New data analytics: With this release is also the introduction of Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), a Business Intelligence solution intended to provide an extremely easy to use and intuitive data exploration, data visualization experience.
  • Ecosystem: Solution Manager has been enhanced with some new features for all users.
  • Deep industry focus: New and enhanced capabilities will be introduced, including Epicor FSA, Epicor Payment Gateway, CRM/SFDC integration Phase II, Epicor Smart Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization, and improvements to the Mattec MES-ERP Integration.
  • Ease of everything: Epicor provides ease of everything—deployment, training and education, support, maintenance and upgrades—that results in greater profitability, productivity, and growth.  
  • Ease of learning: Epicor University focuses on a “blended” approach to learning for those upgrading to Epicor ERP 10.2, with a suite of tools designed to appeal to all types of learning styles and needs

Epicor ERP version 10.2 is now generally available and we encourage you to upgrade soon to begin reaping the benefits that will enable you to achieve greater outcomes for your business. 2W Tech is a Certified Epicor ERP partner and would be happy to work with your organization on your update. Give us a call today.
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