ITAR Compliance: Get out in front

In the manufacturing industry, ITAR Compliance is the latest compliance that has come to the forefront. What is ITAR Compliance? What does it mean for your organization?  These are questions that you need to find the answers to NOW!
Here is a couple articles to help you when seeking answers:

2W Tech has already started working with clients to help ensure they reach and maintain ITAR Compliance status.

Epicor Report Store

Looking for a prebuilt customized report for your Epicor system?
Three Part Check Print
Provides manual control of the check payment process.
This custom Accounts Payable printing program allows your accounting department to print three part checks instead of the standard two part check.  The report works well with pre-printed check stock and our team will modify it to fit your specific requirements. Designed for Epicor ERP 9 and Epicor ERP 10. Visit Report Store

Cloud solutions: What’s the rush?

Are you tired of hearing about how you need to move your business to a cloud-based organization without any actual facts to back it up?  Your organization should rush to the cloud because IT MAKES GOOD BUSINESS SENSE. It’s affordable, it’s scalable, and you only pay when you need it. Still unsure? The cloud could be the right solution for your organization if:

  • Your IT is too noisy and you just want it to be invisible. Good-bye headaches.
  • You want your IT to save you money. Being cost-effective makes you money.
  • You want to increase the efficiency of your employees.
  • You want to eliminate your IT capital expense. Kiss it goodbye!

If you said yes to any of the above, it’s time we talked about cloud solutions for your business.

Product Showcase
Failover Device
What happens when an errant backhoe or some other event takes down your internet? Your business is relying more and more on internet connectivity. What’s your plan when the internet fails? 2W Tech’s Failover device plugs directly into your router and clicks over to the internet when you lose access. Say goodbye to downtime with this inexpensive device!
Epicor Tune-up
If your Epicor ERP goes offline, so does your business 2W Tech’s Epicor Tune-up can access your server and get you back up and running as little as 20 minutes after a disaster hits. The product that provides your ERP system both backup and disaster recovery in one integrated solution!

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