The role of the internal IT staff has changed and evolved drastically over the last few years. Depending how large your organization is, your IT staff primarily focused on keeping the hardware and software architecture running, along with desktop support management. Today because of developments with technology, that is no longer the case.  Technologies like Managed Services and Remote Management, Big Data, IoT, etc. free up IT departments to focus on initiatives that can help make the company more efficient and save money. By allowing an outside IT Consultant to manage and monitor your systems, your IT department is now able to be proactive and take on projects in that fashion vs. having to be reactive to problems that arise around them. Running around like a chicken with their heads cut off, doesn’t benefit anyone in the company and can create a hostile work environment.
We are seeing a trend in the last year or 2 with IT Manufacturing leaders making the move to a Cloud ERP system. Here is what we are seeing with Cloud ERP that is winning them over:

  • Security and Reliabillity. Protecting your data is your number one concern. Giving your users the ability to access this data anytime, anywhere is next in line. Uptime, redundant data centers, and physical security must be at the highest industry standards to ensure that your data is safe. Cloud ERP is the best way for an organization to achieve this.
  • Efficiency. It today’s day and age, spending less and achieving more with every investment is the motto every organization tries to live by. Cloud ERP eliminates redundant data entry and instead replaces it with automation so you can actually trust your data. It automates many processes that are manual with on-premise ERP, therefore saving you time and money.
  • Simplicity. When your users are spending time collecting data from disparaging systems and/or maintaining system controls, they are wasting time on things they don’t need to be doing. Cloud ERP simplifies your systems by providing a single database throughout the organization and eliminates the outrageous maintenance costs and labor hours.
  • Manufacturing efficiency. Achieving quality against the clock is something every manufacturing company struggles with. You need an ERP system that offers checks and balances throughout the stages of your manufacturing processes. You also need to ensure that systems are integrated to streamline workflows and data consistency throughout departments. Cloud ERP can provide manufacturing organizations with the efficiency and consistency necessary to increase performance and make their jobs easier.
  • Innovation. Innovation is a tough thing for organizations to achieve. Limited time, money and resources make it tough enough for employees to do their jobs and keep their heads above water, let alone have time to drive innovation. . Cloud ERP systems give you the ability to innovate and allows you to integrate new technology advancements such as IoT, big data, etc. You are no longer distracted by outdated software, software maintenance and upgrades, and can focus on innovation and implementing other technologies that can further benefit your business.

Cloud ERP systems are being fully embraced by manufacturing organizations all over the globe for the reasons I listed above and more. 2W Tech is a Certified Epicor ERP Consultant and specializes in Cloud solutions. If you are wondering if Cloud ERP could be the right decision for your organization, give us a call today and let us help walk you through the process.
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