No Lack of Data in Manufacturing


If you have worked in Manufacturing for a long time, you probably know that one of the biggest struggles has always been collecting and analyzing data in a fashion that’s time effective. There are so many moving parts in Manufacturing operations that it has always been somewhat of a nightmare to make sense and order of it all. Technology has improved Manufacturing processes so that information can now be collected in real time at various points in the manufacturing process. So the good news is that you now can collect all the data you need, but bad news is you are now faced with taking this collected data and turning it into actionable insights.

In the last couple years, technology has matured to allow end to end connectivity across the entire manufacturing process and throughout the supply chain. IoT(Internet of Things) and Big Data have been adopted throughout organizations and the combination is taking manufacturing operations to new heights.  Manufacturing businesses are seeing immediate results. This matured technology strategy is allowing operations to be more effective, therefore increasing profitable planning and production runs, allowing organizations to be more cost effective. Which, in turn makes more happy customers. However, these benefits can’t occur until each business understands that the challenge lies in connecting machines and devices to create a whole view of the business that is easy to access and act upon.
In the past, manufacturing decisions were often made without the data to support them. IoT allows for connectivity throughout the business which makes it possible for manufacturers to take action based on insights from real data. The leading manufacturing companies can map this data against their end-to-end processes to predict adverse events before they occur. The other large step Manufacturers have taken with technology is by allowing their data to be mobile and moving it to the cloud. This will allow the data to be accessed not just on the plant floor, but also in the field. Decision makers need to be able to have full range within their operations to make the best, more informed decisions. Making this data available via the cloud and mobile applications helps keep manufacturers flexible and agile. Manufacturing companies that aren’t embracing these new technologies, will find their business severely lagging behind their competition.
Leaders in manufacturing are at the top because they understand the value in collecting data and making it actionable by leveraging modern technologies. Using modern technologies is an ongoing commitment that an organization needs to make as technology is ever changing. By utilizing Big Data and IoT, to name just a few, allows for connectivity between machines,
devices and manufacturers. The data you are able to gather using the newest advances in technology will allow for higher productivity and efficient processes. Manufacturing processes are complicated, give your business the ability to simplify the areas that mean the most to your operations. 2W Tech is a certified IT Consultant that specializes in Manufacturing solutions and would be happy to discuss updating your technology solutions.
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