As we saw in 2016, cyber threats are going to continue to be prevalent in 2017. Hackers and Security Vendors will continue to try to outsmart each, which will in turn take the level of sophistication of attacks to an entirely new and scary level.  Now that you are warned of the impending dangers looming in 2017, the next step is to better understand where some of the threats can lie within your organization and network systems.
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Ransomware. One of the most widespread and concerning threats of 2016 will continue to loom next year as well. McAfee predicts a peak in ransomware attacks next year and damages to vulnerable cloud-dependent infrastructures can be great and costly. Most alarming in the prediction, however, is that in the coming year ransomware attacks will be more complex due to new elements. RansomWORMS, which use advanced victimization techniques to mine further data within an already compromised network, are expected to put a spin on malware and make it more harsh for organizations affected. Doxing, which is where you search for and publish private or identifying information on the Internet, typically with malicious intent. This affects avenues such as social media and any place where sensitive, easily identifiable information can be extracted to serve the ultimate purpose of extorting money. Another ransomware to watch out for is Backup Deletion, which destroys the very mechanism that can otherwise help you recover from a compromised system or files: your backup data.
IoT (internet of Things). 2016 was the introduction of IoT and now that many organization have this strategy deployed, it is going to be a security threat to watch out for in 2017. There will be targeted attacks on medical devices and Electronic Medical Records, “connected cars”, basic domestic tools, and tech-driven wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. The danger posed by this intrusion is fully capable of corrupting information stored in your devices.  The security fabric, trusted authority, and control over this type of communication is greatly lacking, resulting in leaks and vulnerabilities that can and most likely will be exploited. Anytime you introduce complexity and high latency into an environment, you are setting up for security failures.
Cyber Espionage. Beyond hackers looking to make a profit through stealing individual and corporate data, entire nations are now using their cyber skills to infiltrate other governments and perform attacks on critical infrastructure. Cyber crime today is a major threat not just for the private sector and for individuals but for the government and the nation as a whole. President Obama’s 2017 fiscal year budget proposes a $19 billion allocation toward cyber security. Cyber security threats today are coming from all around the globe and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. One of the major obstacles to combating these cyber security threats is the lack of cyber security professionals with the level of knowledge required to mitigate attacks.
Cyber criminal are some of the most devious criminals out there. They don’t discriminate on who they attack and they don’t spare anyone.  Although damaged networks can be repaired, compromised privacy restored, and stolen data returned, the amount of damage that hackers cause can result in significant damage to your IT infrastructure and budget. Somethings can’t be undone, especially damage to your reputation and the broken trust you cause with your partners and customers. Security needs to be a top priority for your business, if not in the past, but moving forward into 2017.  Be proactive, be protected. Call 2W Tech today and see how we can help ensure your organization is protected form outside threats. Let the professionals with the level of knowledge required be the ones to guide you to a safe environment.
This is a high level overview of pending security threats. We will explore these in greater detail in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned for more blog updates.
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