Gone are the days where you just don’t know where to access all the information you need to make decisions. Do you remember the days where you had to sort through stacks and stacks of paper on your desk looking for that one report you need? Well, data and technology and well, users have come a long way since those days. Business intelligence has been used in large corporations over the last several years, and in the recent year has funneled its way down into small and midsize businesses. Like most applications, the longer they are on the market, the more affordable they get and the more modern the features. BI solutions open up opportunities for more users within your organization to use them to make decisions and gain insights which haven’t been possible before. You no longer need to ask where is my data?!

BI applications give everyone the tools needed to do their jobs easier and find answers on their own. When information is easily accessed by all the users, decisions can be easier made and understood by more. But be cautious, when you arm your users with information, everyone starts to form their own version of the truth.  You need to also be careful as every department adopts BI tools and starts generating reports, you need to make sure the departments have a way to integrate reports together. By doing so, you really increase report and data efficiency and easily let information be shared across departments.  Data from HR, accounting, outside sources, combined with financial, sales, warehouse, inventory and purchasing data becomes a powerful combination to really help users in your organization see what is happening across the business both internally and externally.
ERP solutions are a powerful tool for any organization. Epicor has really taken their ERP systems and made them so much more powerful by adding BI tools such as Dashboards and KPI’s. If you are interested in discussing business intelligence tools and how they can help take your organization to the next level, 2W Tech can help. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP partner and has developed additional BI tools to help you maximize your Epicor investment.
Dashboard & Gauges for Epicor ERP
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Finding Success in the Cloud

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