We have been educating and keeping our eye on the Internet of Things for over a year now. No longer just a buzz word, IoT is being adopted at a rapid pace in various industries. Every market forecast is predicting rapid growth of the overall Internet of Things, however one specific market segment that will experience the quickest adoption and be one of the biggest market opportunity is IoT managed Services. Internet aka cloud enabled devices are becoming more prevalent in business. To put it in perspective, Cisco predicts that some 50 billion devices, or “things” will be connected by 2020, creating $8 trillion in “value at stake” globally.

The IoT phenomenon is even more conducive to a managed service solution because many of today’s IoT initiatives are being driven by functional business units rather than IT. Operations, facilities and manufacturing were leaders of the packs as far as business units that adopted IoT. Although they were drivers for IoT, they need help not only designing and implementing their IoT solutions, but keeping them up and running at an optimal level. This is the reason that IoT Managed Services is now in play. For IoT implementations to succeed, a properly managed service in each layer of the IoT ecosystem is required. Organizations should look for their IT Consultant/MSP to provide secure networks, device management, billing platforms, network integration, and connectivity.
Because of the rapid pace of technology growth, organization now expect a single solution that offers one view into the many networks and IoT managed service providers are expected to provide this. IoT managed service providers can also help you navigate through the security risks that IoT and managed services pose for your organization. 2W Tech is an IT Consultant, as well as an MSP and can help design a IoT managed services solution that best suits your organization. Contact us today.
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