Cloud is proving to be one of the most disruptive factors to hit IT Infrastructure. Most businesses are now dabbling in the cloud, whether to test a service or to have it take over as their preferred deployment method. Using cloud-based applications requires a certain amount of work, but this doesn’t need to cause major problems for your business if you implement them in your IT infrastructure in such a way that it can be controlled and managed in a strategic manner. But how do you do so? As with every change you make in your IT environment, strategic planning needs to happen and due diligence must take place. By following the below 3 stages, you can best prepare your organization for the cloud.

  1. Enterprise analysis. First, define your business objective. You need to have a full understanding of what business needs are driving your move to the cloud. If there is one or 2 major needs you are trying to fill, that will help steer you towards the cloud solutions that will best match that. This is also the stage where you will need to evaluate:
    1. Security/Compliance requirements
    2. Are you business departments siloed?
    3. Does your infrastructure have business resilience and availability built in?
    4. What are the internal IT controls you will retain?
  2. Cloud strategy.  This stage focuses on the deployment: what, when, how, and who. You need to know where your cloud will be housed, what type of cloud you are using, what solution provider you are partnering with. To help in the selection process of a Cloud partner, here are some areas you should review:
    1. Should you consider a multi-vendor approach?
    2. Should a cloud service broker be used?
    3. Where will the cloud be located?
    4. What version of cloud is best?
  3. Cloud provider selector. Research, research, research. Every cloud provider will have their own unique performance, availability, and features. Ask for references and testimonials. Make sure they have had proven success, you do not want to be their guinea pig. You need to understand if any of your business departments are already running the cloud and if you already have a cloud provider in some area of your business. You want to prevent redundancies from happening.  Also, you want to make sure you are paying attention to where the cloud providers data center is located.

One size does not fit at all, so if organizations can follow these 3 stages, the likelihood they will have a successful cloud implementation will increase. Organizations that have a clear cloud strategy will be in the position to make the right choices for their business. Choosing the appropriate cloud solution and strategy can bring the agility and cost efficiency to your IT structure. 2W Tech is a Certified Microsoft Partner that specializes in Azure cloud solutions. If you are interested in learning more or discussing an appropriate cloud solution for your business, please contact us today.
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Finding Success in the Cloud

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Finding Success in the Cloud

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