Organizations are faced with a lot of challenges, managing growth being one of them. The US manufacturing industry is in a significant boom period, as the year 2017 is shaping up to be a year of steady growth for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing expansion even saw its fastest rate of growth in 2 years with order volume also showing some of the most significant gains since 2009. This recent boom is helping to spread new optimism across sectors of the manufacturing industry and causing organizations to pause and make sure they are ready for the trend to continue.

MES systems are also booming thanks to the uptick in manufacturing business. Organizations using a manufacturing execution system (MES) are proving to be a powerful tactic to ensure that decision makers receive the information they need quickly, accurately, and on demand. This helps provide the intelligence needed to understand and manage change caused by growth. An MES links the functional areas of MRP and ERP systems to focus on the quality management and maintenance needs for the actual production line. Having a system in place that is tailored specifically to what you are producing, can help your organization achieve maximum efficiency. Manufacturing businesses are quickly looking to implement MES systems if they don’t already have one in place for all the reasons listed above.
If you currently don’t have an MES system, now is the time to strongly consider implementing one. Look for an MES system that is tailored to your specific type of manufacturing and has strong reporting and analytics. The best the system matches your needs, the more successful your implementation will be. Epicor Mattec MES includes the functionality to optimize production by monitoring the real-time condition of assets on the line, while also offering maintenance personnel the ability to create preventive maintenance tasks and determine root causes to critical failures. This combination ensures maximum up time and quality and you should strongly consider this system if you are in any sector of manufacturing.
If you are considering an MES system, please work with a technology consultant to ensure the solution you choose is the best one for your organization and current technology. There is important integration work that needs to be done and there needs to be a plan for this integration. Making sure your MRP, ERP and MES are functioning in sync should play a large role in this plan. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor partner and would be happy to consult with you on how MES can change your organization for the best.
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