Most small to medium sized organizations lack the dedicated resources and expertise required for full in-house IT support. Even large organizations can often lack the expertise to manage their IT requirements in specialist areas. Any business with Epicor 10 implemented in their business should be aware that Epicor is averaging about 2 patches per week. Patches are a fact of life with any software system, especially something as complex as an ERP installation. Unfortunately, the days of “install and forget” are long gone.
A comprehensive and accurate patch management program can help determine whether all existing systems are accounted for when researching and processing information on patches and updates. You don’t just slap on a patch and BOOM it’s fixed. There should be scheduling guidelines and plans should exist in a comprehensive patch management program. A good patch management program creates a patch cycle to help guide your organization through the normal application of patches and updates to your system. This patch cycle is meant to facilitate the application of standard patch releases and updates to your Epicor system.
Every patch management program should follow these steps:

  • Patch Verification
  • Patch Prioritization
  • Patch Scheduling
  • Patch Testing
  • Change Management
  • Patch Installation and Deployment
  • Patch Audit and Assessment

Patch management unites technological solutions with policy and operationally-based components that work together to address your organization’s unique needs. Keep in mind too that it is not just the ERP system itself that needs attention. Supporting software such as the operating system also needs to be properly patched. It is not unknown for patches to break software, especially with things as complex and customized as ERP systems. Patch management is complex, but is a critical part of maintaining your ERP system. Most organizations don’t have the expertise or bandwidth in house to manage this on their own. 2W Tech offers a Patch Management program that follows all the above steps, as well as follows an extensive checklist of all areas of your systems that get checked quarterly. The best way for your Epicor ERP system to function to its full potential is by giving it the regular tune ups it requires. Contact us today to learn more about our patch management plan.

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