Stages of a Software Deployment Process


A smooth software deployment process is vital for the smooth operation of any organization. The software deployment process can be handled manually or through automation if you have an IT Team or IT Consultant. Software deployment process mainly consists of 3 stages: development, testing and monitoring. Deployment tools can be used to bath deploy software on multiple computers with options to customize and select permission roles.

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These are the main stages of software deployment:

  1. Deployment. You need to decide on the method of deployment and the configuration metrics that you will require. You will need to budget enough time to the development stage and test deploy codes to server or client ends. It has to be remembered that the objective is to achieve successful deployment and release of the software, not meet a time deadline.
  2. Testing. Statistics and analytics can be drawn from comprehensive or customized reports gathered from software distribution systems. It can be used to monitor user activities around the particular software on workstations. This can assist in establishing a controlled work environment where the actions of users can be monitored by the enterprise.
  3. Monitoring. Software distribution gives comprehensive deployment options and ways to customize installation. Packages can be distributed to users in less time, so they are up and running within hours instead of days. Software installations can be done remotely saving both time and effort. The process can be done without constant monitoring, so your IT team can focus on performing activities that can benefit your business in the long-term.

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