There is no doubt that digital technology dramatically improves the economics and capabilities of every business, especially Manufacturers. Using hardware, software, algorithms, and the internet makes it 10 x cheaper and faster to engage customers, create offerings, harness partners, and operate your business. However, only 30% of Manufacturers are maximizing the potential digital technology can offer their business. The rest are being held back by outdated business models and legacy technology. It does not matter how much time you spend educating yourself on the newest technologies and advancements, it is all for not if you don’t spend the time and money to ensure your infrastructure is ready.
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The first step for many companies is to reflect on its limitations with its existing business processes. Once you identify these weak spots, your business can begin tackling its pain points. In order to truly transform digitally, users need to embrace solutions that focus on connecting all the pieces and assets that keeps an organization running. Choosing solutions that allow for collaboration is key for success within your organization.  The idea is for companies to use data and analytics, no matter what the data source, to create a competitive advantage for sustained growth.
Keys to success with digital technology include:

  1. Using data from multiple sources to build a true picture of what’s happening within your business
  2. Defining key metrics across business functions to remain consistent as business changes
  3. Providing users a way to blend data sources without losing reliability
  4. Maintaining a network of analytics, which provides the quickest time-to-value

Digital technology allows your business to create customer value with technology at the core. If you need help taking the necessary steps towards your digital transformation, give 2W Tech a call today. We have expert IT Consultants on staff that specialize in Manufacturing solutions and digital technology solutions.
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