Many people consider this digital transformation version 2.0. It is believed that in the early 2000’s, the original digital transformation took place. Many businesses did not join in the original digital transformation because many of the technologies were unproven and expensive. That is not the case today, even for Manufacturers who typically lag in their technologies. Cloud technologies and as-a-service has allowed companies to digitize many of their core functions without requiring a significant strain on IT resources.

Tools such as Google Docs enable easy digital sharing and collaboration, while project management tools like Teams help keep users on the same page. Social media platforms including Facebook have played their own role in the digital transformation, changing how companies interact with their customers, and social networks like Yammer have been created entirely for businesses. There are hundreds of apps on the market that are designed to help businesses collaborate.
Manufacturers that aren’t riding this wave of digital transformation will be left out. A true digital transformation requires more than just investing dollars in technology. Truly becoming digitized requires a cultural shift, and companies striving to be successful need to be ready for it. Big data, IoT, robots, artificial intelligence are just a few technology trends that are changing the way Manufacturers do their jobs and run their business. If your organization is interested in learning more about the digital transformation and some steps your business can take to ensure you are maximizing the potential digital transformation can offer, give 2W Tech a call today. We are a full-service IT Consulting Firm that has specializes in Manufacturing technologies.
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