The Catch 22 in Manufacturing: You need ERP software but it also complicates your manufacturing environment. Once your business hits a certain size, you need ERP software to help connect all the departments of your business. Depending on the type of ERP system you are running, the level of complication varies. A system that handles and coordinates so many departments and data is bound to be complicated. Manufacturers by nature are simple creatures. They have an old-school mentality and in most instances, technology causes them more headaches than it alleviates. Manufacturing software can integrate with an ERP system and help simplify and maximize the efficiency of your overall environment.
Integrating Manufacturing software into ERP system
In most factories, more than 99% of data is discarded without attempting to derive insights. Manufacturing software enables visibility into real-time production, so machine operators and managers can do their jobs better and run the business more effectively. It also helps improve shop floor performance by preventing errors from occurring and preventing defects that continue through the production process. When you can automate your systems, your data can be analyzed in real time allowing you to reduce waste and downtime, prevent failures, and improve output.
Epicor ERP is a solution that is designed for the manufacturing environment. Integrating manufacturing software into Epicor is an easy task and one that can really improve your manufacturing operations. Epicor already has many manufacturing modules built into the software so by integrating manufacturing software, you are essentially focusing on making the job of the employees on the shop floor easier. Their processes on the shop floor will be automated and you will help them better capture needed data without the redundancy of duplicating the data or having to use multiple systems. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP partner and specializes in manufacturing solutions. Give us a call today to see how you can better automate your manufacturing operations and maximize your overall technology investments.
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