It is no secret that Manufacturers are slow technology adopters. When cloud ERP was first introduced to the market, many Manufacturers were still struggling with the decision to abandon their paper processes and various spreadsheets and instead rely on an ERP system to run their business processes. Today, there are more options and familiarity with cloud ERP software, so Manufacturing companies are now considering it a viable option when selecting their deployment method. There are many different reasons cloud is a great options for organizations. The main reason we see Manufacturing using a cloud system is less hassle than on premise system is for them. This is particularly attractive to smaller manufacturers who often lack the IT resources to run their ERP systems on-premise effectively.
The cloud may be an option worth considering for large organizations with fully staffed IT departments, but it might be the best option for small companies. If you have multiple plants, cloud ERP can be run from a central location, but stilll have the individuality for each plant to have their own PLM. It allows the information to be pulled together from all plants and available in one view. Cloud updates are automated, and the backups are automated, so if an organization has a hiccup, they don’t need to worry. The can get peace of mind knowing they have an external resource that is responsible for the functionality of the system. You will always have the latest ERP functionality and innovations without hassle.
Traditionally, a lot of manufacturing companies have a lot of positive control over their systems and information, especially veteran companies that have an established IT. For them, they need to get comfortable with the fact that they don’t have much control as they did with an on-premise system. They usually have concerns over how to adopt this new model since they are already familiar with another delivery method. They can usually adjust ok because with the cloud structure there is minimal hardware and infrastructure and you’re using thin client, so they quickly realize the workload is easier. If this isn’t reason enough, consider the cost benefit. Implementing a cloud system costs less upfront than an on-premise system would. If everything works right, you will save money with a cloud-based system, and have predictable annual fees. Centralized services and infrastructure create economies of scale that allow you to gain enterprise-class reliability, security, maintenance and support for far less than it would cost to do it yourself.
2W Tech is a Certified Epicor ERP partner. Epicor specializes in solutions for Manufacturing and has been offering Cloud ERP solutions for several years now. Most of their product innovation has gone ensuring Cloud ERP is the best manufacturing ERP solution on the market. If you are interested in learning more about Cloud ERP systems, contact us today. We can help!

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