Modern technology is upon us and with every passing day, new trends in technology are emerging. Manufacturers are already responding and implementing some of these trends such as big data, IoT, and cloud solutions, to name a few. With new emerging trends comes a lot of opinions and best practices talk, along with a benefit analysis for each. If a business is considering taking on a new technology or product in their organization, there is a lot of information available to help them to help with that evaluation. What isn’t discussed enough is your current infrastructure and what changes you need to make within that to be able to effectively take advantage of new technology trends.  ERP systems are the heart of your infrastructure and if your heart is weak, the rest of your infrastructure can only be that strong.
Legacy ERP
As your business grows and technologies evolve, legacy ERP falls further behind the demands needed to support daily functions. Legacy ERP systems can cause critical errors in data entry and manufacturing processes, and this strongly works against what modern technology is trying to achieve. Legacy ERP systems are no longer patched and that is a security threat. Old systems are a liability due to unreliable maintenance. Why spend money on new emerging trends that can help take your technology to the next level, when simultaneously you are pouring money down the drain trying to fix malfunctions in your legacy system. Even if you are telling yourself that your ERP is running just fine, the minute you upgrade, you will realize this is not that case. Legacy ERP systems don’t give you the automation of processes that are necessary to protect your business and data.  It is impossible to get anywhere when you take 2 steps forward, while taking 2 steps back at the same time.
Epicor 10 has already had a few updates to its original version release. With every release, legacy systems fall further and further behind. Modern ERP systems are designed to help maximize current and sometime future technology trends. Legacy systems are not. 2W Tech is a Certified Epicor ERP partner and one of the only partners that still work with Legacy ERP systems. We can help your organization create a business plan to get you off your Legacy ERP and onto the newest version. Until you are ready to do that, you are stuck in a technology rut and one that can ultimately harm your business and hinder your growth. Give us a call today.
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