Stop for a minute and think about your personal devices. I am a Samsung user for both my tablet and cellphone and I thrive on the fact they integrate. Regardless of whether it is Samsung or Apple or any other brand, integration of devices makes it easier to manage your personal data, and therefore your life. If you are smart enough to do it in your personal life, why would you not also make sure your corporate philosophy is the same. In today’s age of big data, too many organizations are still using individual solutions, individually. How can you properly manage your data if you can’t access it all in the same place? You can’t.  A connected ecosystem of technology is the only way to effectively manage your data.

Imputing data into various software programs does not ensure each of those programs will tell the same story about the data. Data truth can only come from having one unified answer. Interconnecting all your software programs will ensure the same data is being used throughout the organization and that decisions are being made on controlled data. The evolution of technology is causing buyers to demand end to end solutions. An end user can only provide that if they have a single source of data synced from all software programs the business uses to operate. If you can analyze all business processes and get answers to all your questions from one source, why wouldn’t you?
ERP, CRM, Manufacturing Software, BI are the main applications manufacturing businesses use. Over time, data grows and evolves, making each system a little more difficult to use and interpret. Integrating these systems together can help minimize the complexity of the data in each system, not to mention minimize the workload of duplicate data entry. Although the upfront time and expense it takes for integration can be scary, the amount of time and headaches it saves your IT staff long-term pays off. ROI is simple to prove on connected enterprise projects. Businesses can measure and analyze business processes easily, so demonstrating project ROI usually happens quickly.
There are many more business reasons why integrating your software applications is beneficial to an organization. It would be hard to argue that any of those reasons are more important than the simple fact that integrating your software applications is the only way to properly manage your data. Poor business decisions are made when you are relying on poor data. Never make that mistake again. Give 2W Tech a call today and let us help create an integration plan that best suits the needs of your business. 2W Tech has Certified IT and Epicor ERP Consultants on staff that specialize in manufacturing technology solutions.
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