Most organizations implement an ERP system with one outcome in mind; to improve operational efficiency. ERP systems are a powerful tool that are designed to minimize the workload for users. However, ERP systems can’t run at the level to maximize operational efficiency without properly trained users understanding the correct way to utilize the system. Most organizations spend so much money on purchasing ERP software, yet they fail to invest more time and effort in the training of their employees.  If you do not allocate enough money for training your employees, they will not have the skills needed and will fall short of meeting the ROI that was expected for your ERP project.

In addition to not achieving the desired ROI, failure to train employees could also lead to them inadvertently creating business-related issues.  If users are not properly imputing data, this data could get lost and not be recovered. As you get away from proper usage of a system, fragmenting of the system can occur, disrupting the seamless flow of data between your integrated applications. Can your business afford to lose data?
Although there is not an exact amount of money you can invest in training to be successful, most experts say 20% of your ERP budget should be dedicated to training. For training to be successful, the employees need to be certified by skilled professionals. It is the most efficient if this training happens at stages during the implementation process and by the ERP Consultant that is handing the installation. There are also internationally recognized courses which provide certificates after rigorous training to ensure that ERP users will be able to handle most situations effortlessly. Epicor unveiled Epicor University some time ago, and it offers online training and certifications to give the user the flexibility to take modules at a time and at their pace.
There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to training. But without a plan, your organization will fail. Training, both during the implementation and roll-out phase, as well as ongoing should be planned for during the project management phase. By planning ahead of time, you can help ensure the proper resources, check-ins, and budget are allocated. This will help alleviate stress in the future. 2W Tech is proud to be a Certified Epicor partner and have experts on staff to help with your Epicor projects and training. Give us a call today.
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