If you are lucky enough to find an IT Consulting firm that specializes in your industry that you actually like, that is a win.  If this IT Consultant also specializes in ERP solutions, you should consider yourself really lucky.  Companies all over the world and in various industries often use several IT partners for various needs and there is nothing wrong with doing that. But if you have the choice to rely on  just one IT partner should you?

Manufacturing is a very complex industry, which means they have robust needs for all of their systems. Finding an IT Consultant to handle software and hardware needs is the simplest of tasks of all the IT systems. The rise of cloud and mobile solutions and the ever changing demands of the supply chain ensure that manufacturing technology will always be demanding and hard to keep up with. Adding Managed Services to the mix makes finding the right IT Consultant a little more challenging.
Innovative ERP software does create growth opportunities, yet staying current with recent upgrades and module changes while managing complex daily processes makes things challenging. When you add an ERP upgrade to the mix, organizations start to run the other direction. Searching out solutions for upgrading ERP systems can add stress to a business and it becomes easy to forget the reasons you need an upgrade after all.  Switching or making major changes to your ERP systems is not something manufacturers can afford to risk failing at. Finding the right ERP Consultant is as tough as finding the right ERP solution.
Using the same IT and ERP Consultant eliminates the search for having to find multiple partners that fit within your organization. You also eliminate having to get the other one up to speed on the others technology. Not to mention being ahead of the game with integrating the technologies to all work together, which sounds easy but certainly is not easy to achieve. Having one party responsible for all things technology related can help alleviate a lot of stress on an organization. There is no blame game and there is no need to pay twice the consulting fee for having to call both in when there is an issue with an unknown source. The more processes you can streamline within your organization, the more efficient your business will be.
2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP and full service IT Consultant. We would be happy to meet with your organization and see how we can help integrate and streamline your technology needs.
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