Manufacturing is undergoing a digital transformation, which is an ongoing process that moves quickly as new technologies emerge. Organizations that keep up with the trends will be setting themselves up to have a competitive advantage since many organizations haven’t even started their digital transformation journey. One trend we haven’t touched on much is integrated workflows. Integration is key to ensuring efficient workflows. Each department in the business can function independently, but you can optimize those functions by integrating tasks and information. Using conventional communication methods like email or voice calls limits the amount of data you can share and the means through which you can send it.
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Integrating workflows allows for the same information to be shared throughout the organization and can eliminate duplicate work. The more times you report on the same information, the more likely mistakes can happen. Sharing information can save employees time, thus increasing overall efficiency within your business. Sharing information just makes sense, unless of course it is confidential. The more information you give your employees access to, the more they will feel like they are a part of something bigger than just a job.
Employees can be connected with each other through an internal communication system, Office 365 offers some great options for businesses. By using a platform that allows for sharing of information, you are allowing knowledge to be spread quickly throughout an organization. Research shows that connectivity  and the internal communication helps reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction. Ensuring that your production line know what’s happening with your information technology, or keeping marketing teams in the loop when it comes to software or product changes are a couple examples of how integrating workflows benefits business.
2W Tech is a Certified Microsoft Partner and would be happy to discuss the collaboration tools you can find within Office 365. There are many programs you are currently running where integrating workflows can be happening.  Give us a call today to get started.
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