One of the most important things for a business to do is to take steps to protect themselves from outside threats. Security management is indisputably important for any company today. The increasing amount of threats to security has led to most, if not all, businesses to install anti-virus software. The anti-virus market is pretty mature so the products on the market today are top of the line. They constantly scan your network for any existing malware and thoroughly clean it from your system. No matter how good your anti-virus solution is, it is not enough to protect your business from hackers and natural disasters. For many organizations, having an anti-virus software provides a sense of comfort that their systems are protected. This flawed thinking can be costly to your business.
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Anti-virus software is reactive, so it can only detect a malware after it has done its job the first time and the anti-virus vendor later establishes a signature. The regular updates that you receive from your service provider protect you from recurring threats of the same malware. However, new strands of malware are being introduced all the time.  Malware is not restricted to just your computer or physical devices. New applications on social media, mobile technology, wearables, and cloud services all come with a security risk.  Malware can attack anything connected to the internet.  Most businesses rely on cloud service providers to offer protection. However, if their defenses are not strong enough, you will can be exposed to attacks.
A security incident of any kind can have a significant impact on your business. Anti-virus is an important security measure. However, it is not the only measure to protect against hackers. The best thing for your organization to do is get a security vulnerability assessment to prioritize the risks to your organization. Once you have your security vulnerability assessment done, you can then implement and follow some security best practices that can help assure you are completing all the steps necessary for ultimate protection. 2W Tech is a full service IT Consulting Firm that specializes in Security Solutions. Give us a call today and let us help give you some peace of mind.
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