The manufacturing industry has always been known to be technology laggers, but we have really started to see that shift in the last few years. Many manufacturers are still working on implementing and maximizing the technologies Industry 4.0 is based on. Yet, here we are, already discussing Industry 5.0. Industry 5.0 is the next step in the evolution of manufacturing requiring production and manufacturing processes to adapt to the changes.  

Industry 5.0 is meant to be a natural evolution of Industry 4.0, building further the connectivity of the supply chain to manufacturers and other stakeholders. Industry 4.0 focused on machine-to-machine communication and sensors and data. However, there are limitations with Industry 4.0. The human aspect of machine work was lost in the background and small errors with machines began to escalate quickly. Industry 5.0 is the next generation of advancements that will help eliminate and sure up some of those types of issues. 

Some of the key components of Industry 4.0 will also be important components of Industry 5.0. This includes cobots, IoT (Internet of Things), big data, artificial intelligence, and smart manufacturing. All these components make for an intelligent business when properly optimized. A business is much more efficient when it is making decisions based on what the data is telling them, vs. blindly guessing.  

Another focus for Industry 5.0 is the use of renewable energies to develop and implement industrial systems. Being able to reuse and recycle natural resources, decrease waste, lowers the environmental impact. Which is becoming increasingly more important. 

Where is your business at with your Industry 4.0 transformation? Are you ready for the Industry 5.0? 

2W Tech is a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let our team of IT Consultants work with your business through your digital transformation. The Industry 5.0 is right around the corner, let our team help ensure your team is ready! 

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