One of the biggest challenges a business faces is protecting their data, which is one of their greatest assets. Tape Backup, Cloud Backup, On-site storage, Off-site storage are just a few examples of different options for data protection. There is also the disaster recovery piece that is involved. How quick can you restore your data after a disaster or outage occurs? Since your data is one of your greatest assets, you need to ensure you are taking all the necessary steps to protect it. One of the benefits cloud computing offers organizations is automated processes. Using a cloud solution for data protection ensures it happens automatically.
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Automated data processes are necessary for the sheer volume of data most companies are dealing with. Whether it’s information from IoT devices, data from app management , or any number of other sources, the amount of data that companies have to deal with, store and back up is overwhelming. In addition to the large amounts of data, you also need to make sure your data protection solution enables you to comply with the regulations you face.
Built-in data protection starts with on-demand primary storage in the cloud. This eliminates the endless cycle of provisioning your company gets stuck in. You are constantly adding more and more hardware, software and infrastructure to keep up with data growth. The innate flexibility of on-demand storage means that as you need more capacity for your data, workloads and apps, you expand capacity automatically. Should your data load shrink, you decrease capacity just as easily.  Making this not only the more efficient solution, but the most cost effective also.
Once you’re using the cloud for primary storage, built-in data protection becomes a possibility. You only need to store your data once and don’t need to worry about it continually. The benefits of built-in data protection are clear, and the conditions are right to make it a part of your company’s backup and disaster recovery plan. Once you switch, you’ll see how great life can be without having to do backups. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting Firm that specializes in Security solutions and can help your business build the best security plan. Give us a call today to get started.
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