How many times have you had something that isn’t functioning properly and you pulled out the manual and flipped through countless pages looking for a solution or even just a mention of the part you are trying to fix? Or if you are anything like me, how many times have you tried to self teach on a topic and sat through countless minutes/hours of information that wasn’t relevant to what you needed to learn, only to finally get to the stuff you actually cared about learning. When these things happen too much, people shy away from learning. In today’s world, people are too busy to spend time on activities that waste their time or they perceive little value in. This makes it challenging for Manufacturers, because they are expected to produce products that are simple to use and have simple 1-2-3 step directions. That is just the way that our world now works. But what about in technology? Does that world have the same expectations?
Organizations need ERP systems to function and effectively run their business. If you have ever used or even researched ERP systems, you already know there is NOTHING simple about using them or learning how to use them. This is what we call a necessary evil. The question I am posing to you is this: Does learning your ERP have to be so difficult? Microlearning is a teaching approach that offers online education in short, quick bursts of information, providing the knowledge and skill sets that online courses typically offer, without overwhelming the learner. When talking about a system as large and complicated as an ERP, microlearning can teach this application in smaller steps. This concept lets users take one concept at a time, and only once they are comfortable and have grasped it, do they need to move to the next concept. Hence, letting users learn at their own pace and in their own way. There is nothing worse then sitting in a classroom or boardroom with everyone around you nodding in agreement after a lecture or training course, and you are sitting there with your mouth hanging open and your only thought is “could you repeat that please”.
Microlearning is a new buzz word the industry is using to describe a new way of learning in technology. It essentially means that instead of sitting through an 8-hour class on the Epicor ERP scheduling module, they can now create short courses that describe scheduling resources, capabilities, constraints, and finite capacities, and other courses that show examples and application demonstrations of helpful scenarios. The learner can watch the pieces he or she needs on his or her timetable, and then re-watch content as necessary, skipping through what they already know or maybe don’t need to learn. The great thing about ERP systems is that it is never too late to learn how to use them. If you have an ERP system installed already, this concept of microlearning can still apply to you. Ask your ERP Consultant or Manufacturer if there are learning materials available and how you can access those. Don’t be shy to ask about microlearning. It is a great way to individually get each user trained and proficient at the areas they should use to excel at their job.
If you are considering an upgrade or new system, it is a great topic to add to your list of considerations. What type of training materials does each system offer? Does that include video? Over 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Video seems to be a proven method, don’t settle for a product that doesn’t offer that as a method of learning.
Microlearning isn’t limited to just ERP systems, but since ERP systems are the most complex, if organizations can apply this concept to that, the concept should then funnel down to learning all their technologies, as well as learning other areas outside technology. The other way microlearning can help is train on new features and functionality that may become available with each version, or maybe even help you through a bug fix. This can be used throughout the lifecycle of a system, not just at initial implementation.
2W Tech is a Certified Epicor ERP Consultant and would be happy to discuss not only Epicor ERP systems, but also the training and resources that Epicor offers to help their users feel comfortable with their system. We also specialize in Project management and can help you devise a training plan that best fits your organizations and users.

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