The goal of every manufacturer today is to simplify their business processes and streamline their operations. The term digital transformation is often used to emphasize the importance of keeping pace in a competitive market by using innovative technology. Even though we are in the middle of the digital transformation, many manufacturers are still reluctant to invest in modern technologies. So where should they start? An ERP system is at the heart of every business, so making the move to a cloud-based ERP is a first good step to modernizing your technology landscape.

A cloud-based ERP solution can help a business assess the effectiveness of shop floor activities in real-time and make better, informed business decisions. Cloud-based technologies allow for the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Both IoT and AI data flows in and out of an ERP system, allowing a business to consolidate the information that is most crucial to your production facility’s performance. The function of the ERP system is to provide visibility across an entire business, including business processes, profitability on sales orders, and production schedules, etc. The digital transformation optimizes and improves those business processes, giving a business the best change at growth, profitability, and greater overall efficiency. 

IoT and AI is just the start of the embedded technologies we are going to see. Augmented reality may be on the horizon, as it will give a business the ability to visualize their shop floor through an ERP system. Smart factory and machine learning technologies are going to continue to gain sophistication.  

The digital transformation is about optimizing and automating the tools your company relies on. You simply cannot achieve that without adopting cloud-based technologies.  

Ready to adopt a cloud-based ERP solution but do not know where to start? Let us help. 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 30 years’ experience working with Epicor ERP Solutions. Let us introduce Epicor in Azure to your business. Running your Epicor Kinetic ERP in the Microsoft Azure cloud will help set your business up for success with the digital transformation. 

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