Organizations want to partner with a provider that not only tailors their solution to the industry-specific need that fits their business model, but also will work closely with them throughout the entire purchase journey to provide transparency, strengthen onboarding and training, and work with all the teams involved in the ERP journey. 

There are many ERP Consulting firms that understand the product they are reselling, but how many fill the role of being a committed partner, and care about you realizing your true business value. 

There are five areas a business should consider when choosing an ERP partner: 

  • Industry Specific Knowledge: To maximize all the benefits of an ERP system, you will need to work with a partner that can provide guidance and solutions that are geared towards your specific needs. 
  • Interoperability and Data Support: Every successful migration and integration relies on a dedicated support team. Expert support means an expert experience. 
  • Staff Training and Materials: For an ERP implementation to be successful, you need every user to get up to speed as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Look for a business that supports you with onboarding materials and staff training and is available when needed to get your questions answered.  
  • Greater Transparency: Look for a partner that is always honest. Honest about pricing and security, honest about the implementation planning and necessary training. You need to trust that what you are being told and led to do is the correct decision for your business. 
  • Better Partnership: Teamwork and partnership is the key to success. Every business wants a consistent team that supports them at every stage from initial contact, through implementation, and beyond.  

Choosing the right ERP partner is just as important as choosing the correct ERP solution. In addition to considering the above criteria, you should also make sure that the ERP partner you choose fits in with the culture of your business. You want them to be an extension of your team, therefore apply the same criteria you would when choosing members of your team.  

If you are in the market for a new Epicor partner or want to learn more about Epicor solutions, you have come to the right place. 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum partner with over 30 years’ experience working with Epicor solutions. Let our team of expert ERP Consultants introduce you to not only the Epicor Kinetic ERP solution, but also our awesome team! 

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